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PeopleLearn™ offers a budget-minded learning management solutions for smaller companies that don't need all the bells and whistles of a large corporate or university LMS. The primary objective of a simple learning management solution is to track the learner's progress quickly and easily.

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eLearning Management Solution

PLTrackerPro™ is a multi-level elearning management solution which allows clients to monitor their account, view their list of customers if they are resellers, and review the progress of all trainees on the system.

  • PeopleLearn's administrators set up and customize PLTrackerPro™ for the client with the client's logo and offered courses. Customized quizzes can be made available as well, including matching, drag n drop, true/false, multiple choice, and other interactive exercises.
  • Reseller Clients can monitor their customer accounts from their Client Administrator's Dashboard. Their customers can assign training supervisors in various departments or divisions of their companies to monitor the trainees in their specific location.
  • The training supervisors, using their custom dashboards, can enroll learners into one or more courses, set start and end dates, and monitor trainee activities and quiz scores in each course.
  • Each trainee has a unique ID and password to log onto the dashboard where they see which courses they need to take, their start and end dates, bookmark their progression through the courses and mark important topics for review, see their activities such as dates and times of training sessions, completion of lessons, quiz scores, and more.
  • Pricing includes course hosting, if required, and is based on the size of the course and number of trainees.

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