PeopleLearn's Learning Management Solution

    Corporate Custom Setup

    PeopleLearn™ offers customized setup for companies who want to manage their courses online.

    • Custom header with logo
    • Seat licenses for 365 days, renewable annually
    • Import trainees into the database
    • Administrators set up at various locations

    Administrator Setup

    Client administrators monitor and track Trainees progress

    • Administrator Dashboard
    • Change password
    • Set up Training Supervisors at multiple locations
    • Schedule start and end dates for trainees
    • Track course progress by individual Trainee
    • Track quiz scores

    Trainee Setup

    Trainees take courses and track progress

    • Trainee Dashboard
    • Change password
    • Log on assigned courses
    • Bookmark Pages for future reference or to mark course progress
    • Track scores

PLTrackerPro's Administrator Dashboard

Through a secure sign in screen, PLTrackerPro's™ Administrator Dashboard allows training managers and supervisors at multiple locations to register learners, schedule training, track their progress through courses, and view learners' quiz scorection, scheduling, secure sign on, tracking progression through a course with bookmarks, make assignments, and see quiz scores for each individual trainee.

PLTrackerPro's Trainee Dashboard

PLTrackerPro™ Trainee Dashboard allows the learner to select available courses, track their login dates, bookmark pages, and see corresponding quiz scores.



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