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Learn how to build change into your elearning program based on the essential elements of solid elearning instruction.

Bridging the eLearning Gap

How does it happen? The learning is in the doing.

• The remarkable thing about learning is that it never gets old. There is something magical about discovering something new. Behavior change begins with the desire to learn. "Training may be mandatory, but learning is a choice." Answer the age-old question, "What's in it for me?"

• Learner's utilize images, text, narration, feedback, and interactivity to transfer information in short-term memory into working memory through rehearsal, practice, or simulations—like a pilot climbing into a flight simulator to log air time.

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How We Build Courses at PeopleLearn

  • We believe "Bridging the Gap" is critical in learning programs to engage learners and bring about change.
  • We use our template-driven training engine to simplify authoring and development time, thus lowering costs.
  • Our intuitive, intelligent, user-interface design allows the learner to focus on the content, not on navigating.
  • Interactive exercises and simulations help to maximum retention.
  • Track progress through courses, monitor quiz scores and exercises, and bookmark and reference topics using our learning management solution, PLTrackerPro™.
  • PeopleLearn™ is using secure measures such as utilizing SSL and encryption to protect proprietary content.
  • Learn more about some of the ways we can turn your training dollars into successful learning experiences. Please call us with your ideas at 724-316-3595,.

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