How the Mind Learns

Discover how "Bridging the Gap" is critical in learning programs to engage learners and bring about change.

  • Learn why behavior change begins with the desire to learn
  • Learn why Tellin' Ain't Learnin'
  • Discover the secret in "Bridging the Gap"
  • Does change require courage?

Learning courses must be built in light of the way the mind learns.

Step 1 • Two channels are primarily used for processing elearning: the auditory channel and the visual channel. Our eyes and ears, and other senses, transfer information to our short-term memory. When planning your course, think about what the learner will see and hear and then do to bridge the learning gap.

Step 2 • New information is integrated or associated with existing information already in long-term memory. In other words, new information is best understood as it relates to that which is already known and understood. In this step, you determine what prerequisites are required before new knowledge is introduced, and what new behaviors will replace existing behaviors.

Step 3 • New knowledge and skills must be rooted in our long-term memory for behavioral change to occur. Giving up well-worn habits in behavior is rough!

Step 4 • Retrieval of new knowledge and skills from long-term memory is accomplished by memory anchors or activities that associate the learned information with a task to be performed.

How does it happen? The learning is in the doing.

• The remarkable thing about learning is that it never gets old. There is something magical about discovering something new. Behavior change begins with the desire to learn. "Training may be mandatory, but learning is a choice." Answer the age-old question, "What's in it for me?"

• Learner's utilize images, text, narration, feedback, and interactivity to transfer information in short-term memory into working memory through rehearsal, practice, or simulations—like a pilot climbing into a flight simulator to log air time.

What are the tools and mechanics?

• Pre-built training engine to simplify authoring and development time, thus lowering costs

• Intuitive, intelligent, user-interface design so the learner can focus on the content, not on navigating

• Interactive curriculum scripting with exercises and simulations for maximum retention

• Custom LMS on a Budget™ for tracking and reporting

• Secure online delivery


Follow the Learning Path

Learn how to build change into your elearning program based on the essential elements of solid elearning instruction.

• Learn why behavior change results from the desire to learn.
• Learn about some of the best ways to turn your training dollars into successful learning experiences...
• Learn how to build learning programs to "Bridge the Gap!

Having the courage to "do!"

Susan Boyle on Britain's Got Talent

Click to see this remarkable story of courage and triumph in this YouTube™ video of Susan Boyle's debut on Britain's Got Talent.

Change doesn't come about without a sacrifice of time, effort, and determination to achieve long-lasting results. Susan Boyle's heart-felt dream was to become a professional singer since she was twelve. She overcame her obstacles with courage and fortitude. She didn't allow life to kill her dream. Watch the miraculous transformation of this woman of courage!

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