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Reinforced Concrete Construction

Program Features

Some of the features in this program included a Table of Contents, access to Resources including white papers, websites, and PDF documents, a searchable Glossary and full-screen DVD video.

Type of Loads on Concrete Members

  • The Dead Load
  • The Live Load
  • The Uniform Load
  • The Concentrated Load


Bar List and Tags Software Training

Health, Nutrition and Safety for the Early Childhood Classroom Main Menu

Software Training

This program provides training on industrial software for draftsmen to learn about detailing Bar Lists with hands on exercises using the software. The simulations guide the user through a very sophisticated software program with ease.

Some of the features in this program included a multi-tiered menu system, table of contents, help, resources including, access to pdf forms, a searchable Glossary, animations, interactive exercises, and quizzes.

Interactive exercise in learning when children need to wash their hands.

Exercise Page

Interactive exercise to determine which children are too ill to be in school and should be sent home.

Exercise Page

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